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A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

With his deerstalker cap on, the game’s afoot as Sherlock Holmes, everyone’s favourite detective, strives to solve his most notorious case before the curse of the Baskervilles dooms another heir!

In this hilarious adaptation of one of Sherlock Holmes's most classic stories, two actors play the roles of Holmes and Watson, while three other actors play the other 36 characters!

Don't miss the fun, laughs and intrigue as the case twists and turns towards its final climatic conclusion!


Production Team

Rob DeFries

Andrew Kay

Emma Graham

Leigh Widdowson

Litonya Shallcross


Matthew Chalmers

Craig Muller

James McPherson

Rachel Thornton

Haydon Crosweller

Amy Smith

Jenny Ng

Steve Whisker

Stephen Coote

Bernie Ryan

Coralie Wood OAM

Justin Huehn

Eliza McCormick

Temyka Boots

Janelle McMenamin

Tim Allen

Nic Gillies

Russel Brown

Peter Dark

Brian Kavanagh

Samantha McNally

John Nicholls

Adam Salter

Nicholas Steain

Aaron Weissmann

Teresa Wojcik

Director, Set Construction

Set Design and Construction

Costume Designer


Production Manager

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Lighting Design and Operation, Set Construction

Sound Designer

Wigs and Hair, Backstage Dresser

Backstage Dresser

Backstage Dresser


Front of House Manager, Set Construction

Bar Manager, Set Construction

Business Manager


Graphic Design

Additional Online Graphics

Program Designer




Set Construction

Set Construction

Set Construction

Set Construction

Set Construction

Set Construction

Set Construction

Set Construction

Set Construction

The Cast

Brain Kavanagh

Adam Salter

Nick Steain

Michael Cooper

Teresa Wojcik

Sherlock Holmes

John Watson

Actor 1

Actor 2

Actress 1

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