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                              7 - 22 October 2022!

Welcome to the School of Rock! Based on the hit film, School of Rock the Musical follows failed rock star wannabe, Dewey Finn. Forced to come up with some rent money or be kicked to the street, Dewey poses as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school to earn some quick cash. But when he discovers the students are also highly talented musicians, Dewey hatches a plan to turn the straight-A students into guitar-thrashing, bass-thumping, drum-smashing rockers and enter the Battle of the Bands! But can he do it without the school, parents or his housemates finding out?


Short Cast

Zach Raffan                        Dewey Finn

Zayn O'Shaughnessy         Zack                             

Anneke Hollier-Smith        Lawrence/Lauren

Sujaan Biddle                     Freddie               

Zoe Fox                               Katie                            

Tall Cast

Max Gambale                  Dewey Finn

Willum Hollier-Smith       Zack

Isabel Ellmers                  Lawrence/Lauren

Thomas Heather              Freddie

James Robertson             Katie/Kyle                        

Other Cast

Taylor Paliaga                      Rosalie Mullins

Bradley McDowell               Ned Schneebly

Courtney Hayden                Patti Di Marco

Edith Baggoley                    Summer               

Hester McDonald                Tomika, Teen Rosalie

Lincoln Newell                     Billy

Giuliana Baggoley              Mrs Sheinkopf

Aleesha Boye                      Mrs Macapugay, Mrs Hathaway

Luke Ferdinands                 Mr Sanders, Theo, Mr Hamilton, Ned (Understudy)

Ben Fullerton                      Gabe Brown

Laney Himpson                   Young Rosalie, Ensemble

Darcy Kinsella                      Mr Woodard, Doug, Security Guard

Ella Kuschel                         Marcy, Summer (Understudy)

Meadow Kuske                 Maddison, Emo Girl

Thomas Lee                      Mr Wagner, Mr Sandford, Bob      

Bailey Lutton                     Mr Noble, Mr Williams, Stanley

Hudson Marlor                  James, Billy (Understudy)

Sarah McDowall                Ms Bingham, Waitress, Security Guard

Silvana Moro                     Ms Gordon, Ms Turner, Police, Patty (Understudy)

Steven O'Mara                 Mr Green, Mr Spencer, Jeff

Jacqueline Tatam             Sophie

Nairwng Tripura                Mason, Emo Girl, Tomika (Understudy)

Kiara White                        Shonelle

Dimitri Yialeloglou            Mr Janes, Mr Mooneyham, Snake


The Team

Production Team

Marty King                     Director

Rachel Thornton           Assistant Director

Kat Tang                        Musical Director

Nathan Rutups              Choreographer

Richard Block                 Production Manager

John Murphy                 Assistant Production Manager, Props Manager,

                                        Program Design

John Nicholls                 Stage Manager, Set Construction Supervisor

Sarah Morris                   Assistant Stage Manager, Set Construction

Miriam Miley-Read        Costume Designer

Teresa Wojcik                 Vocal Coach

Bernie Ryan                    Business Manager

Jacob Aquilina               Lighting Design            

Kyle Maley                      Sound Design               

Craig Muller                    Lighting Operation, Set Construction

Janelle McMenamin      Photography

Steve Whisker                Front of House Manager

Justin Huehn                  Graphic Design

Temyka Boots                Program Design

Emma Bavington           Mic Tech      

Ella Kuschel                   Paint Design

Giuliana Baggoley        Set Construction

Julie Heather                 Set Construction

Thomas Heather           Set Construction

Darcy Kinsella                Set Construction

Bailey Lutton                 Set Construction

Emma McCormack       Set Construction

Silvana Moro                  Set Construction

Taylor Paliaga                 Set Construction

Nairwng Tripura             Set Construction

Aaron Weissmann          Set Construction

Julies Yates                     Set Construction

Dimitri Yialeloglou         Set Construction   

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