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Our mission

Dramatic Productions is dedicated to delivering the highest quality locally produced community theatre in an environment of respect, integrity and positivity.

We recognise that community theatre is one of the most important stepping stones for emerging performers on their journey to professional careers, donating their talent to entertain our local community and inspire other aspiring artists. 

Dramatic Productions strives to be inclusive, supportive and give passionate people the opportunity to be a part of the incredible process of creating theatre, be that on stage, behind the curtains or in the foyer.

Supporting our local community is a core value of Dramatic Productions and each show performance (excluding opening and closing night) donates 10% of all ticket sales to local charities. Visit Our Charity page to see the charities we are currently supporting.

If you would like to get involved with Dramatic Productions, see our Join Our Team page for more information on how you can be a part of one of Canberra’s most progressive theatre companies.

Our mission

Meet The Team


Richard Block

Managing Director

Richard began his theatre career with Phoenix Players in 2006 in their community production of Kiss Me Kate.


“I remember turning up to the audition and meeting all these new and enthusiastic people who were extremely supportive given my complete lack of experience in theatre. They quickly welcomed me into their community and openly taught me everything I needed to know.”

After Kiss Me Kate, Richard joined Phoenix Player’s committee, initially as Assistant Treasurer and then later as Treasurer, a role which he held for 4 years and credits with teaching him the business of show business.

Richard continued performing on stage with most of Canberra’s theatre companies and then in 2012 he got his first chance to direct with Phoenix Players production of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. The experience inspired him to establish Dramatic Productions and in 2014 he staged The Rokitelly Man, a locally written musical, in collaboration with Ickle Pickle Productions.

At the same time Dramatic Productions was getting off the ground, Richard was also founding StageCenta, a national theatre promotion and ticketing website. In 2021 he launched the StageCenta App which is now available at the Apple and Google Play stores.


Bernie Ryan

Business Manager

 "Theatre to me is about the joy it brings, the people I meet and the difference we can all make. That’s really it. 


I love seeing people do what they love and bravely challenge themselves. Whether as a performer, musician, or  one of the many valuable crew and support team. Everyone is vitally important. My most favourite thing is to sit and immerse myself in what people can create when we all work together. And as corny as it sounds, I do truly grow to love so many people ! Because people in my view, really are the best when we choose to see the best in them. And give them a platform within which to see it in themselves.


I also love what the experience of going to a live show brings. To physically and emotionally 'get away’  from the challenges of life, if only for a moment, can be such welcome respite. It can also challenge us to do ‘life’ differently.


As a former Social Worker, our Dramatic Difference initiative is incredibly important to me. I love that we are able to continue to make a difference to even more people, well after the last curtain has come down. The ongoing relationships with our charities is something I cherish, as these are central to our mission.


So I believe that it’s neither the ticket sales nor the accolades, which make a community theatre company truly great. No matter how nice these things are.


What is most important is what we give, how we treat others and how we use the craft to bring out the best in ourselves and others, and in doing so, bring joy and make a difference.


And because of this, it's here at Dramatic Productions, where I too have found exactly the right place in which to do what I love "



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